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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Monitor Your Internet Addiction with PageAddict

I mentioned two Firefox extensions previously that monitor how long you've spent online, but PageAddict is a far superior alternative. Apparently written by two neuroscientists in Cambridge, Massachusetts, PageAddict keeps tabs on where and how long you browse and presents it all to you in a very neat table. The table breaks down how much time you spend at each site and even lets you tag sites (say, you can use labels like work, school, and play). You can also limit the time you're allowed to spend on sites with a given tag.

There are lots of uses for this. If you're a parent, you can limit how long your children spend on non-educational sites. Or, if you happen to be an Internet addict, you can add one more barrier between you and sweet bliss.

PageAddict is a lot smarter than other extensions since it can tell which tab is active, but this can cause overcounting if you leave your browser window open and in front while going on a break.




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