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Monday, November 06, 2006

GSpace Firefox Extension Bought for Undisclosed Sum

Om Malik reports that the popular GSpace Firefox extension created by Rahul Jonna, which allows users to turn their Gmail account into a remote hard drive, was bought by FON, a Madrid-based WiFi services company. My question: is this a first? I haven't heard of other Firefox extensions that have been bought before.

FON, which aims to create a FON WiFi network via its $5 wireless routers, plans to integrate GSpace into their FON Liberator product, which will let users plug in USB-enabled devices like iPods, hard drives, or flash drives and transfer files onto or off of them. The Liberator is basically a wireless router so users can remotely control the file transfer via a web-based interface.

It's an interesting development to see FON buy GSpace instead of simply coding it themselves. Maybe they're trying to appeal to the open source and early adopter community since FON is, for the moment, a product that appeals mostly to those demographics.


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