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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

FeedBurner Adds Widgets for Blog RSS Feeds

There's been a lot of talk about widgets recently with the Widgets Live Conference going on in San Francisco. Some even think widgets will lead to a renaissance of the portal. For Feedburner users, however, a more humble bit of news is of more immediate interest.

FeedBurner has teamed up with SpringWidgets to allows users to publicize their RSS feeds in widget form so readers can directly read the latest headlines on their desktops. It's a neat tool, and you can customize it a little by adding your blog's logo. You can activate the SpringWidget Skin service under the Publicize tab of your FeedBurner account.SpringWidgets is part of Fox Interactive Media's attempt to dominate the emerging widget space. Widgets are easily shared, and Fox's ownership of MySpace gives it a big edge over the competition as far as getting widespread adoption of the SpringWidgets platform.

A sample widget showing Digital Alchemy's RSS feed is below. If you want to add it to your desktop, click on the green icon at the upper right corner. You have to have the SpringWidgets engine installed first though (Windows only).


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