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Friday, November 17, 2006

Fleck Really Takes Post-it Notes Online

I thought Stikkit might be taking the Post-it notes theme a little too far, but Fleck takes the prize. Using Fleck, you can annotate webpages with notes and bullets and share them with friends or co-workers. Check out a sample Flecked page here.
You don't have to register to Fleck a page, but if you want to share your Flecks, you'll need to be. Try it out here on Digital Alchemy's page.

The UI looks nice, but it doesn't work too well, which is a major drawback given the neat concept. Notes often get moved around after changing the size of the browser window, and often notes or other pop-up windows get obscured by the Fleck toolbar. Another major annoyance is that the toolbar can't be repositioned (possibly a bookmarklet issue?).

Also, saved pages don't appear under your account immediately (possibly never since I don't intend to wait for hours to see what happens). This is probably just a scaling issue since Fleck is getting a massive amount of traffic right now, but we'll see.

That said, with some more attention to user experience and better load balancing, Fleck has potential as a useful collaboration tool.



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Thanks for the review. We're gonna check the flaws you mentioned.
If you save a page, you should see it directly in your account. We'll add a received pages page in the accounts as well, so you don't have to save them once you clicked on the link in your email.
If you have any ideas on how we can improve the service, let us know. (patrick at fleck dot com)

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