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Friday, November 17, 2006

Free Long Distance Calls with Google Maps; Plus Prank Calling

After Google rolled out its click-to-call feature on Google Maps, a number of enterprising bloggers began to think up ways of disrupting the telephonic equilibrium. The click-to-call feature allows you to get connected free to any business listed in Google Maps. Just enter your own phone number (or not).

First up, we have Valleywag with tips on how to prank call someone. Search for something embarrassing on Google Maps, choose a listing, enter your friend's phone number, and hit the connect button.

Next, we have Garret Rogers speculating on ways of getting free long distance calling in North America.
Since every business listing on Google Maps has the "click-to-call" feature enabled, the only thing you need to do is get listed. Now instead of dialing a long distance phone number on your phone, you "dial" it through your own business listing on Google Maps.


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