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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

BitTorrent Sites Sell Out (Demonoid, MyBittorent, Torrentportal, Torrentreactor, etc)

P2P blog reports that Searching Unlimited, Inc. has "bought the BitTorrent sites Bushtorrent, Demonoid, MyBittorrent, Fenopy, Snarf-it, Torrentportal and Torrentreactor. The admins of the sites supposedly got some stake in the company in return."

Searching Unlimited is run by John Gotts, who earlier bought Wiki.com for $2.86 million. His strategy:
The story is this: Gotts buys domain. Gotts pumps traffic. (Before the press, it was 150,000 unique visitors a month, says Gotts, which seems low -- but he's the one who made millions by buying domains.) Gotts thinks up what to put at that domain, then hires a company to do it. Gotts rakes in cash.
He also tried to do a deal with Jotspot to license their software. Of course, if this deal pans out, content owners will likely be looking for their cut as with the YouTube buyout. Look for changes at your favorite torrent sites soon.

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I bought my finacee a blackberry pearl and I'm looking for Bit Torrent Sites that carry applications and games for it?

Text to Screen

Sorry I don't know of any BitTorrent sites that specifically cater to Blackberrys. You can try searching with FullTorrent, which lets you search multiple BitTorrent sites at once.

www.pda4x.com isnt a torrent site but has some good downloads on it for handhelds

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