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Monday, November 13, 2006

Save $1,285 per Computer

Startup Playing with Wire has some good advice for keeping costs down when you get a new computer. It's mainly for the hidebound business types who still don't know about open source. Instead of going the traditional route and purchasing software from big companies, traveling down the open source path can save big bucks. As they write:
Anyhow, I'm not gonna tell you who's right and who's wrong, I'm simply going to give you another option. Here's a little question for you: Do you have to use the same software as 'everybody else', or are you brave enough to think outside of the box?

If you're one of the people who would consider themselves 'brave enough', I have a little surprise for you; you can save between $1,264.97 to $1,284.97 per computer in lowered licensing costs, and you don't even have to switch away from Windows (if you don't want to).
Save $1,285 per Computer and Still Remain Business-ready

[via PlugIM]


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