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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Amazon UnSpun Launches

Amazon UnSpun is like Digg for lists. You can vote up or down an item with arrow buttons (more like Reddit actually). Top lists right now include Best Programming Language where Ruby is winning handily, and Top Women You Would Leave Your Partner For where Angelina Jolie is leading.
Why is Amazon doing this? I suspect UnSpun could be used as a way to gauge where your interests lie. Amazon can already do this by keeping track of your clickstream and what products you buy while on their site, but UnSpun can give them further insight into customer wants and needs, specifically yours since you need to login to vote. This is assuming a tie-in to Amazon's bread and butter retailing services, but it could be that Amazon is further redefining itself after it's announcement that web services will soon become a major product offering.

Still, UnSpun lacks a certain stickiness to keep users coming back after the initial novelty value wears off. In addition, like A9 and Askville, it just doesn't fit into the Amazon brand identity.


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