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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Free Online SAT Preparation

Last week, while millions of Americans were celebrating Thanksgiving, their sons and daughters were frantically working on their college applications due in December. One thing most of them probably had in common was an SAT test prep book or course that costs anywhere from $20 to $800.
According to a study done by Consumer Reports, many online test prep sites
had grammatical errors, technical glitches, and aggressive advertising tactics. In many cases, it was hard to tell the difference between advertising and educational content. Students using the test prep sites reported receiving eMails from banks, military recruiters, or offers of financial aid or study aid.
Apparently, free test prep site Number2.com did particularly well against its pay competitors. It offers preparation for the SAT, ACT, and GRE tests. Might be worth checking out for any worried parents or students out there, who are still awaiting their turn in the college admissions game.


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very helpful post.

i would like to mention one more site for Free SAT study material and Free SAT Practice Tests.

go to


Unfortunately, there are too less free SAT preparation online, especially for subject tests.

For chemistry i know only this:

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