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Monday, November 27, 2006

Break.com Pays $400 for Videos

Break.com, a racier video-sharing site than YouTube, has begun to offer $400 for user-submitted videos with payouts for original short files reaching $2000. To get paid, your video has to be featured on their homepage, and they claim to have paid out $300,000 so far. Other sites like the Metacafe with its Producer awards and Revver have also tried to attract content by paying users.

Although it seems like a shortsighted way to become the next video-sharing site worth a YouTube-like valuation, it may be the only way for these sites to get enough users and original content to get noticed. Sharing videos depends on users' desire to get attention, and right now, YouTube is the best site to post a video to with over 100 million videos streamed every day. Change the motivation to money, and desire for fame drops out of the equation, leaving the cold equations of cash.


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will these video sharing sites get saturated? it's growing to other countries too like China, Israel.

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