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Monday, October 23, 2006

Songrio: Discover New Music

Songrio is a music recommendation site with a Digg-like rating interface. A neat feature is the ability to upload or link to an MP3 of the song you're submitting. This, of course, might eventually lead to legal issues. There are also social filters available: Highest Rated, Most Rated, Listenable. Still a small community at 140 members and 92 songs (56 listenable), Songrio is attempting to bring the power of masses to finding good music. It's entering a crowded space. There are plenty of other attempts at music recommendation services: some breaking it down to units (Pandora's music genome approach) and others comparing your music library to others'.

The approach Songrio is taking is double-edged. It requires a large user base to actually work (good because the social aspect is appealing to users), but, right now, it's not sufficiently sticky to allow a community to form around it. For instance, adding a comments thread to each song would allow more interaction. Without a strong community, other music recommendation services that use automated methods to find good music will always be ahead (i.e. more comprehensive). Still, Songrio has an interesting focus: finding up-and-coming artists that have yet to hit the mainstream. That's a task that's hard to automate.


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