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Monday, October 23, 2006

Skyline Globe: 3D Earth Visualization

Like Google Earth, Skyline Globe allows users to fly around the globe and get driving directions, find businesses, and look at interesting landmarks. What's different is that it offers 3D photorealistic cityscapes so when you zoom in close, you see buildings and structures as three dimensional objects, not flat on the screen. Video streams can also be overlayed, and there are content layers unavailable in Google Earth. Content can also be imported from Google Earth KMZ/KML and ESRI Shape files (more features here).

Skyline Globe is browser-based, but you have to download a plug-in to use it. It's a little slower than Google Earth and a little less polished, but it does offer unique features. There are better analysis tools (contour maps, distance measurements, etc.), weather overlays, and even a travel planner integrated. It's a nice complement to Google Earth.

Skyline Globe


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