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Sunday, October 22, 2006

The Shortwave Report: News from Around the World

Worried about bias in the news (or just want to hear a different sort of bias)? Want to hear different perspectives on the same stories? The Shortwave Report is a possible solution to that. It
is the project of Dan Roberts. Dan lives in a cabin which uses only solar energy in Mendocino County, California. He runs 65 feet of wire from one end of his house to the other and it is connected to a $1500 shortwave radio which can pick up stations from around the world. Some, like Radio Havana Cuba, are not available in the U.S. on the internet or through any other form at all.
While the Shortwave Report is obviously not comprehensive (only 30 minutes long) or completely without editorial bias, there is a mix of news stories from many different countries. Program notes are available next to each MP3 file so you can pick and choose what interests you. The latest contains:
From CHINA- At the UN, Venezuela and Guatemala have been trying to win the Latin American non-permanent seat on the Security Council- the US is backing Guatemala. Geo Bush signed a new law on holding detainees and said it would bring to justice the perpetrators of 9/11.

From NETHERLANDS- More on the torture bill signed into law by Geo Bush- he said that the US "does not use torture"- a representative of Human Rights Watch responds to the refusal of the UK to take back prisoners being released from Abu Ghraib. Monday was World Food Day at the UN. There will be a runoff Presidential election in Ecuador, where the leftist candidate who was predicted to win has claimed fraud by his opponent, the richest man in Ecuador.

From CUBA- A Viewpoint on Radio and TV Marti, which are US broadcasts of propaganda intended to help overthrow the government of Fidel Castro- the US spends $37 million on these broadcasts. Cuba says they violate many international and telecommunication agreements.

From RUSSIA- Palestinian President Abbas say he may dismiss the elected Hamas government to settle the current crisis. Many Lebanese continue to to die or be injured by cluster bombs dropped by Israel during this summer's invasion. A commentary on appeals from US Senators, the US public, Iraqi citizens, and the citizens of the world for the US to review its policy in Iraq and withdraw forces from there.

The Shortwave Report

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