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Monday, October 23, 2006

OpenPandora: Taking Pandora out of the Browser

Users of Pandora, the music discovery service, will welcome OpenPandora, which takes Pandora out of the browser and onto your desktop. It adds hiding to the system tray, control with a multimedia keyboard (play, pause, and skip), lyrics in a browser window, and integration with Last.fm, Microsoft Messenger, and Xfire. You can also copy song details to the clipboard.

Global shortcuts
are a handy way to control the player.

Some more features:
  • Hide to tray
  • Show song details in tray icon tooltip
  • Popup tray notification balloon
  • Full control from tray icon - station change, play, pause, skip, like or don't like
  • Control with multimedia keyboard (play, pause and skip)
  • Global shortcuts*
  • Mini Player*
  • Send song details to Last.fm
  • Send song details to Microsoft Messanger ("What I'm Listening To" must be turned on)
  • Send song details to Xfire*
  • Display lyrics in external browser window (from Tools menu)
  • Copy song details to clipboard (from Tools menu)
  • Customizable title with song and artist names
  • Keep on top of other windows
  • Proxy support
  • Paying users support


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