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Monday, October 23, 2006

Twerq: Finally a Tabbed Search Engine for the Masses

I first glimpsed tabbed search in Krugle, a source code search engine, and I really liked it. Now, it's finally available for general searches. Twerq is a search engine that uses either Google or Yahoo for search results, but adds a layer of functionality on top. Tabbed search results, "Q triggers", and shortcuts all improve the UI. While not as polished as Krugle (there's a noticeable delay when a new tab is opened or closed), it does make searching easier especially when trying to compare search results. Click on the buttons alongside the search box to explore the different functions.

Q-Triggers are specialized search operators that can reduce the need to re-enter keywords or narrow searches to RSS feeds. For instance, to do a bulk search, you'd enter: cars++trucks++motorcycles. This opens three tabs of search results. I also like the ability to limit searches to RSS feed sources.

Although I like the idea behind Twerq, it still needs some reworking to make it more responsive. The lag time is the major stumbling block for me.



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