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Friday, October 27, 2006

Google to Enter the IPTV Arena?

Google has a job listing for a TV Engineering Project Manager. who is responsible for getting software released on time. Here's the interesting part:
  • Direct experience deploying applications with pay TV, or telecommunications partners across the world would be an advantage.
  • Knowledge of the end-to-end television broadcast, cable, satellite, or IPTV infrastructure would be useful, as would experience in TV set-top box operating systems and middleware solution.
  • Is Google looking to get into the growing IPTV market? You might have seen ads by telecoms or cable companies offering to combine your voice, data, and cable services into one monthly bill. That's a result of an industry rush toward convergence of all three services, moving them onto the Internet since all three are essentially data transmission services. While Google isn't well known in the cable TV space, they may be getting ready for the growing IPTV market. After all, if there is one thing Google knows, it's the web.

    We might be seeing some version of Google's Adsense program on our televisions in the near future. Targeted ads might get people to actually watch them instead of skipping over them. It would definitely increase Google's advertising real estate to get onto television screens around the world.

    (via ResourceShelf)


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