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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Paint.NET 3.0 Alpha 2 Released

Just last week, I blogged about the Alpha release of Paint.NET 3.0, and now the Alpha 2 release is available. Paint.NET is essentially a Photoshop for people who don't need that much graphics processing power. It supports layers, unlimited undo, special effects, and many other powerful tools. It's a big improvement over the basic Microsoft Paint program that comes with Windows.

Latest Changes:
  • New: Gradient Tool supports linear, radial, diamond, and conical gradient modes
  • New: Merge Layer Down command in Layers menu and Layers window
  • Changed: A version of the Unsaved Changes dialog is now also shown when closing just 1 unsaved image, instead of the old fashioned Yes/No/Cancel MessageBox
  • Changed: Alpha Blending and Anti-aliasing buttons are now split-buttons, with different icon and some descriptive text
  • Changed: Shortcut key to open the MDI overflow list is now Ctrl+Q, instead of Ctrl+Space
  • If an important installation file is missing, Paint.NET will try to repair the installation instead of crashing
  • 256x256 icon format is now compressed, dropping EXE size by 150K
  • Fixed: a bunch of crashes that users were reporting
  • Fixed: "Load from toolbar" in Choose Defaults dialog did not pick up the active tool
Paint.NET 3.0 Alpha 2


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