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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Google Internal Company Goals Leaked

A company paper entitled "Big Goals and Directions - 2006" was leaked to Google Blogoscoped. It contained a wide assortment of goals including increasing the scale of innovation, expanding the number of Google Pack installations, and creating a universal search tool for internal use.

Some of them have already been implemented. A goal to build 10MW of green power seems on track with Google's recent decision to switch its headquarters over to solar power. The "Features, not products" mandate was reflected in a desire to decrease the number of Google products by 20%.

Interestingly, you can see how numbers-oriented Googlers tend to be, even attempting to quantify user happiness (increase user happiness to 70% on Gmail).

Other highlights:
  • Google wants to be the best in search – no surprise here. To reach that goal, Google wants to have the world’s top AI research laboratory. They are also focusing on getting rid of spam in the top 20 user languages, and increasing the accuracy of information they collect (through measures such as annotation). Another part of improving search is to always launch crucial user interface updates “that people love.”
  • Google wants to push their ad system. E.g. in 2006, one of their aims was to sell $1B of new inventory. Google feels that if they make the world’s inventory available “marketers will come.”
  • Google also wants to push their communities and content. According to the papers Google published, Google Video has 50% of the world’s “online video attention” (a number that’s hard to believe, and especially interesting because Google still ended up buying YouTube). Google also emphasized that a fifth of all communication bandwidth – on Google-owned properties, I suppose – is read through Gmail.


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