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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Do Not Download of the Day: AOL OpenRide

AOL has been releasing a slew of products, at least a slew for AOL, recently from file storage to its most recent offering: OpenRide, which combines instant messaging, browsing, e-mail, and entertainment all in a 4 pane window. While it's still hard for me to shake the image of AOL as a handholding portal to the Internet, there is one nice feature in OpenRide. It automatically resizes the pane that you're working with when you move from one pane to another, which is very convenient and is really the only innovation in the whole package. Because it is a package: it combines pretty much all the programs on this page and sticks a GUI onto the whole thing.

Unsurprisingly, as TechCrunch discovered, the results are not pretty.
In fact, we were reluctant to install this even for testing purposes. Those of us on Windows machines (not me thankfully) flipped a coin to see who had to install this on their computer and test it. Our Analyst Nick Gonzalez lost, cursed as he had to deal with the dozens of system crashes it caused the day and is still trying to uninstall the last pieces of the hardware from his computer. If you insist on trying this for yourself, we recommend waiting until a more stable release, and reading the terms and conditions carefully before agreeing.
AOL OpenRide Download (don't click here, please)


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