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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

▄▄█▀▀ █▬█ * ▀█▀: Creating Special and Highly Noticeable Keywords in Google

Some blogs have noticed a neat trick that can be done in Google Video. See it in action here. And use this URL to search for that particular word.

You use special character strings to create these highly noticeable keywords. From Bothack who first noticed this a while back:

The last number of the three component term, decides the position of the blocks.

%E2%96%84- bottom horizontal dash

- straight line

%E2%96%80 - upper horizontal bar

%E2%96%AC - middle bar

%E2%96%BC - Down arrow

Many other such symbols are possible. You can always do the trial and error to find them. But with the above 5 codes, you can symbolize: H, I, J, L, M, S, T, U, W and Z.

Just combine these character strings and set the last positioning number to create your own keywords.


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