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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Watch Hundreds of TV Channels Online

PCMag points to a new P2P app called TVU that streams ABC, CBS, Cartoon Network, CNN and many other channels. It looks like it's part of a new wave of Chinese sites that are getting into the online video arena.
TVU Player is hosted by TVU Networks, a company in Shanghai, where programs like TVants and others were created to allow consumers to play Asian television over the Internet and tune into World Cup soccer games over the summer. TVU Player appears to be the only one hosting major U.S. broadcast networks, however. Other sites, such as ChannelKing.com, do not require special software but show a mix of niche channels.
These services may have questionable legality however.
But unlike BitTorrent, there is no real indicator pointing to where TVU's streams originate, and thus no real way of telling whether TVU is simply offering a tool to distribute multimedia content or actively breaking copyright laws. Several of the channels use TVU's logo instead of the channel logo, however.
TVU Player Download


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