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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Google Taking on Microsoft Office?: Google Docs on Your Desktop

Googling Google's Garett Rogers seems to have found some code in Writely that indicates a desktop version of Google Docs may be on the way:
if (location.host.indexOf("localhost") > -1)
if (location.host.indexOf("Prefactor") > -1)
return "http://localhost:8180/Prefactor/" + page + paramString;
return "http://localhost:8180/Docster/" + page + paramString;
} else
return "http://" + location.host + "/" + page + paramString;

function RunningOnLocalServer() { if (typeof onLocalServer == 'undefined') return false; return onLocalServer; }

The code is very suggestive, and we may yet see the office productivity war heat up as Google takes on Microsoft in its own domain.

There are also sections that indicate integration into Salesforce.com and custom skinning of Google Docs. Possibly in preparation for businesses who wish to brand their Google Apps for Your Domain.


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