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Thursday, September 14, 2006

goowy: A Full-Featured Webtop

goowy is a very slick webtop with IM, mail, calendar, games, and file storage all mashed together. It's much more full featured than the webtop that came with 30 Boxes and makes extensive use of Flash. The benefits are obvious from the quick response of the menu and beautiful design. Demoing the site, I took a detour into the games section and got sucked into a classic game of Asteroids. There are a lot of fun classic games so if nothing else go there to relive some memories.
You get 1GB of file storage which isn't much compared to Xdrive's 5GB, but should be enough for modest needs. The webtop is highly customizable by going into the options menu. You can POP into your emails from your Gmail, Yahoo, or MSN accounts.

goowy isn't a desktop replacement, but it does come close especially if you have no need to install programs or save files. It's probably most handy for times when you want to travel without lugging around a laptop. You can import your contacts and calendar into goowy as well as upload important files and access them on the go.

goowy // Demo it


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