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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Search the Future with PubSub

PubSub is an interesting service that allows you to search for keywords on a real-time basis. It continually matches your keywords against new information as it appears and updates your subscription feed. If you want to track the discussion on Lonelygirl15, you enter it as your keyword and keep track of it as a feed. The keyword is not case sensitive. Right now, no results are showing for this feed, but it should start to be populated shortly.

What else can I do with PubSub?
  • You can track the discussion of a blog post by using the URI attribute. To track this post, you would enter URI:http://www.lifehacker.com/software/google-desktop/hack-attack-get-more-from-google-desktop-199630.php.
  • Search for keywords based on distance. The /within operator searches for a keyword that is within a certain number of words of a second keyword. If you want to search for the keyword "Apple" appearing within 5 words of "Steve Jobs", you would enter apple /within "steve jobs".
  • Get results only from blogs with the word "Comedy" in their names: CHANNEL: "comedy"


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