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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

imeem = Instant Messaging + YouTube + MySpace

imeem has an interesting product that combines IM and social networks. Like Trillian, imeem has a software client that can connect to AIM, MSN, and ICQ, but it also supports GoogleTalk, allows you to share videos and pictures with your buddies, and hosts blogs. The team behind the site share a musical background: one worked at Napster in charge of DRM, one's a musician ("more than an instrumental part of the team"), and the third worked at EMI Music. imeem is not a revolutionary piece of software, but it does make it easier to interact and share with your friends with its all-in-one design.

It has the potential to fill a space that YouTube and Myspace have left wide open by creating tighter knit groups that don't want to invite the whole world into their group, but don't want to exclude them either. The IM aspect of the service definitely helps with the sense of "hermiticity". The major selling point is simply the convenience of having everything in one place for your friends to pour over: imeem contains the highlights of all the Web 2.0 sites with tagging, blogs, videos, and pictures. The member page design is also easier to look at without a lot of annoying pop-ups or flashing colors a la Myspace.



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you should probably take a look at www.spokeo.com. It combines all the social networks into one central page.

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