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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Remember the Milk: Spam Me with Tasks

Remember the Milk is probably the most clever sounding of all the task management sites I've seen. There are various lists you can place your tasks under: Inbox, Personal, Work, and Study. You can also add Contacts to whom you can send or share tasks.

The thing that has the most potential though is the geo-tagging feature that allows you to map the location of a task. You can add a location by just clicking on a map and naming it. To fully take advantage of it though, Remember the Milk needs to add the ability to create a custom itinerary of your tasks. Say you want to go shopping at Whole Foods at 10 a.m., work out at 24 Hr. Fitness at noon, eat lunch at The Cheesecake Factory, and then grab a book at Borders. It'd be great if you could map those locations and print out driving directions. Maybe you can make your trip more efficient and save some gas money. This feature is most useful though if you're traveling in a new city, maybe on a business trip or vacation, and you want to make sure you're maximizing your time.

I think the most interesting feature that they currently have is the ability to spam people with tasks to do. Here's the text of the confirmation e-mail:
Your Inbox email address is: filter.feeder+99db65@rmilk.com (anything you email here will automatically become a task in your Remember The
Milk Inbox)
You'll notice they use the plus-addressing I talked about in my Gmail post. So, if you want to help me build up a long list of tasks like what tips or hacks you want me to write about or if you just want to pile on more work, please feel free to email that address. I'll make the list public once I get a fair number of tasks listed.


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