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Monday, September 18, 2006

Embed PowerPoint Presentations in Your Website in 5 Minutes

The first question you might have is: Why can't I just save the PowerPoint as a web page and publish that?

Well, there are several drawbacks to that approach:

1. It takes too many clicks. I estimate it would take about 3 times as long to do it in PowerPoint than by using Zoho Show.

2. The presentation doesn't look as professional and sleek. With Zoho Show, the presentation behaves like one that you have saved on your desktop: you click on a slide and it advances. Try it out on the slideshow below.

3. To view the presentation, you have to leave the page you're on and can't refer back to any information on that previous page if you need to without breaking your concentration.

Using Zoho Show, it's easy to upload a PowerPoint and have it on your webpage in less than 5 minutes.

1. Go to Zoho Show and sign up for an account. A demo is also available.
2. Upload the PowerPoint by clicking "Import" or create one in Zoho Show.
3. Once that is done, click on "Actions" at the top right and go to "Make Public". A window will pop up; click "Close".
4. Go to Actions again and click on Embed Slideshow.
5. A window will open with iframe code that you can put anywhere in your webpage or blog.

One drawback I've noticed is that the slides may load slowly. There's also a 5 MB limit on imported slides.


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I'm Arvind, from Zoho. Thanks for that nice & elaborate review!

Keep using Zoho Show & do check out the other Zoho apps at http://zoho.com


ps: You have chosen the 'only blogger.com bloggers can comment in your blog' option. If you would like readers who don't have a blogger.com blog to comment too, please change the option to include everyone. You can opt for the captcha if you are worried of spam comments.

Thanks for the tip, Arvind. You guys are doing a great job at Zoho. I look forward to seeing what new projects are rolled out in the future.

thanks for this! works great.

you can also use slideshare and load powerpoint upto 50mb


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