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Monday, September 18, 2006

Make Your Own Flickr Screensaver

Most likely the default screensaver you see the first time your computer idles has a Microsoft logo somewhere in it. It's easy to change it to one of the others that are preinstalled or find one online, but the downside is that these solutions are static not dynamic. The advantage of the Flickr Screensaver application is that it is ever changing, and you don't have a lift a finger to see something new. Get Flickr Screensaver.

During the installation process, the Display Properties window will pop up. You'll see that Flickr Screensaver has been set as your screensaver. Click OK and the installation will finish.

To change the settings, either right click on the Desktop and go to Properties, or go to Start->Control Panel->Display->click on the Screen Saver tab. Then click on Settings. You can set the screensaver to a group, pictures with a certain tag, or a specific person's photos. There is a slight delay once the screensaver starts up, but otherwise it seems to work smoothly.


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