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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Trism iPhone Game Nets Quarter Million

Trism has earned its developer over $250,000 since it was released in July. The Apple iPhone puzzle game asks players to arrange triangles of the same color in certain configurations to earn points somewhat like the classic Bejeweled. Taking advantage of the iPhone's tilt sensor, however, Trism allows you to shift triangles simply by tilting the phone.

Sold on the online App Store for $4.99, Trism quickly sold tens of thousands of copies and allowed Steve Demeter to quick his day job as an ATM software designer. Now, he runs an iPhone game development company, Demiforce, which has five games in the pipeline.

Perhaps in anticipation of the upcoming Christmas release of the sequel, Trismology, Trism has been discounted to $2.99. Not to be forgotten, the competition in the iPhone game space has almost doubled in two months time with 1500 games available in the App Store from 900.

Trism Game Demonstration Video


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i would leave my job as an ATM software engineer any day if i could get my own cash machine! lol.

This game is Fun

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