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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Tina Sherman Sues McDonald's over Photos

Tina Sherman is suing McDonald's for leaking nude pictures of her online. The Arkansas housewife and her husband, Phillip Sherman, were at the Fayetteville McDonalds's on July 5, and he left his cell phone at the fast food restaurant while leaving. The store manager assured him that the phone would be kept safe for his retrieval when he called to locate it, but almost immediately, the photos that she had sent to his phone were uploaded onto a website where users discovered her identity, address, and phone number.

After the distribution of her photos online, Tina Sherman started receiving strange phone calls and text messages. She and her husband were forced to move to a new home and are claiming they suffered emotional distress and damage to their reputations. They are seeking $3 million in damages. No photos of her are available anymore online.

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