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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Adam Guerbuez Fined $900M for Facebook Spam

Adam Guerbuez has been fined $873 million for spamming Facebook. The Canadian entrepreneur and his company, Atlantis Blue Capital, recently lost a four month legal battle in a San Jose court and are liable for statutory and aggravated statutory damages summing up to almost $900 billion under the CAN-SPAM Act.

In March and April, Adam Guerbuez sent four million emails advertising drugs and adult products to Facebook users. He managed to compromise users' accounts and send messages to their friends and Wall posts asking them to visit certain websites selling those products.

Although Adam Guerbuez did not show up to defend himself in court, Facebook's attorney are looking for him: "We know where he is and where he lives and we're looking for him to execute the judgment." He lives in Montreal, Canada. Although they don't expect to collect on the full judgment, Guerbuez appears to have "substantial resources."

Of course, Adam Guerbuez has also been banned from using Facebook.


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Reader Comments:

I am such a spam hater. Someone should pay a visit to this guy. He ran the website ballervision.com According to the judgment, Adam Guerbuez, resides at the following address:

7739 A Thibert Street
Lasalle, Montreal, Quebec
Canada H8N 2C5


7485 Bordeau Terrasse
Lasalle, Montreal, Quebec
Canada H8N 2K9

The judgment reads like a detective novel with big name plaintiffs and lawfirms Orrick leading the charge.


Y'all - I just had to check out ballervision after "annoyed by spam" mentioned it. It's a social networking site, another Myspace wannabe. The poor douche probably wanted to get people from FaceBook to sign up to his site.

I think the message is clear: Don't start a social networking site and try to steal our members by spamming them.

Facebook is so done. It will be blocked at most schools soon if it is not already. Spam is not the problem. Did you hear about the teacher who spend 4 hours per day on Facebook when she was supposed to be teaching class? The kids are messing around on Facebook at school and now the teachers are joining in.

HAHA the funny thing is that I know this man quite well. He usto be the nicest guy but once he started making some $$$ he became a jerk. I talk to him on msn, he denies the whole facebook thing


facebook sucks

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