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Monday, November 24, 2008

Hiroshi Nohara Lives at Airport

Hiroshi Nohara is living in an airport terminal. Like Tom Hanks in "The Terminal," the Japanese man is literally eating and sleeping in Mexico's Benito Juarez International Airport. He appears to spend all of his time eating, whether from fast-food restaurant or passenger charity. He lives in the food court and sleeps in a chair.

Asked why he has stayed at the airport for almost three months, Hiroshi Nohara replied, "I don't understand why I'm here. I don't have a reason." The stay has taken its toll: his goatee is wildly unkempt, his clothes are tattered, and he smells unwashed. However, he frequently appears in television interviews, appearing almost daily.

Despite his unorthodox accommodations, Hiroshi Nohara is unmovable until his visa expires in March. He appears set to live life in the terminal until then.

Video: Hiroshi Nohara Interviewed on Mexican TV (Spanish)

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Reader Comments:

I was once stuck in the airport for 4 days. I had a layover for a few hours. It turned into a 4 day layover when a hurricane struck and all flights were cancelled at Hong Kong International Airport. I yelled and screamed and prayed at the airlines that they would open flights but it was to no avail. I was doomed to sleeping on benches for 3 nights - that was actually the only part that sucked. Otherwise, the food was actually pretty good. There was Burger King, and Popeye's chicken, and if I wanted to do upscale, there were a few sit down steak houses. Needless to say it was packed during that weekend because there were literally thousands of other people stranded just like me.

Believe it or not, some airports are 24 hours and the Hong Kong airport actually has two shopping terminals. It's a shopping and dining paradise and I learned to enjoying living in an airport. They had some nice shops there and even a Sony Playstation arcade, a 4D movie theatre, a Relay newstand that sold books, and a 7-Eleven. Luxury goods shopping was also there although that wasn't my thing, but there were good stores like Bally, Chanel, Choe, Burberry, Coach, Prada, Dior. There was even a mini hotel for sleeping for a few hours. The truth is that being stuck at the right airport wasn't that bad. Haha.

If I were stuck at an airport again, my top 3 wishes are:

1) I am stuck at an airport with lots of food and dining and entertainment. If there is shopping , that's even better. I don't mind being stuck if there are things to do and places to see and food to eat.

2) I am stuck at an airport that doesn't close. Remember what I said about the 24 hour airport? Well, while I was trying to sleep at the airport, the air conditioning shut off all of a sudden on me and the lights turned off. The second part was fine, but the first part was not.

3) I wish I am stuck at an airport with internet. This third one is key. I realized after being stuck at the airport on my second day that if I had internet, then it's just like living at home. I can do pretty much every I want to do to keep me entertained. Extra bonus points if they have wireless.

live at airport

become celebrity

totally beats going back to Japan!

sign me up.

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