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Sunday, June 01, 2008

TheWB Offers Full Episodes of Buffy, Friends, Smallville Online

TheWB.com has re-launched with a new look and purpose, letting you watch full episodes of TV shows like "Buffy", "Smallville", "One Tree Hill", and "The OC" among other Warner Bros. series. Like NBC's Hulu, TheWB lets you embed episodes on other websites although one neat, novel feature lets you search episode transcripts for specific scenes.

Currently, the video portal still sports an unfinished look, offering a limited selection of episodes, but future plans include a larger video inventory and original online series. It looks like TheWB is intended to be more than a place to watch TV online with sections devoted to talk back, celebrities, and a video-mashing tool called WBlender. There are also games created specifically for each series on TheWB.

You need to sign-up for the private beta of TheWB to access the full episodes.


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