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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Cindy Mort Photos

Jodie Foster's Affair

Cindy Mort is the reason that Jodie Foster broke up with her longtime partner, Cydney Bernard. The 51-year-old producer and writer met 45-year-old Jodie Foster on the set of "The Brave One" although it's unclear if that's when they started their affair. The National Enquirer says: "The affair heated up last year and the pair have been quietly seeing each other since then."

Also known as Cynthia Mort, Cindy Mort has produced TV shows like "Will & Grace" and "Roseanne." Her previous relationship with actress Melanie Mahron resulted in two children. Apparently, they're still next-door neighbors and are close friends.

Oscar award winning actress Jodie Foster only recently "came out" publicly about her 14 year relationship with Cydney Bernard. She has two children from that relationship. Although Jodie is still living in the same house with Cydney, she is planning to move out soon.

Cindy Mort Photos

Cindy Mort

Cindy Mort

Cindy Mort Head

Cindy Mort Head

Cindy Mort Tell Me You Love Me

Cindy Mort (far right) with "Tell Me You Love Me" cast

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