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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Scott Kalitta Crash Video

Scott Kalitta has died in a horrific crash while participating in the National Hot Rod Association Super Nationals at the Old Bridge Township Raceway Park. The 46-year-old Funny Car driver was killed within seconds after beginning the NHRA's fourth and final qualifying round when his car, a Toyota Solara, exploded in a massive fireball at 300 miles per hour.

Son of legendary race car driver, Connie Kalitta, Scott Kalitta followed in his father's footsteps winning the Top Fuel champion twice in 1994 and 1995. He has had 18 career victories since he started racing in 1982.

The crash video of Scott Kalitta's final, fateful race can be seen below. Initially, Kalitta seemed to be in complete control of the race car, but seconds into the race, his car's engine exploded. The Toyota Solara proceeded to crash into a wall at the end of the race track where a second, larger explosion occurred. Normally, a parachute would deploy to slow the car, but Kalitta's didn't.

Scott Kalitta Crash Video

Scott Kalitta

Scott Kalitta

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Reader Comments:

Any time some one loses their life it hurts, having said that, he died doing what he loved !!! Hopefully the powers that be in NHRA add some more real estate in the shut down area so at least the driver has a chance and I know Connie has the juice along with Force and Bernstein to make that happen. Thoughts and Prayers to the Kalitta family.

full crash video

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Scott Kalitta Crash Video

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here is the real video no viruses i just got done watching it and it is sad indeed "nice explosion" but definitely a tragedy my condolences to the kalitta family and to all drivers that knew him

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