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Friday, June 20, 2008

Fringe Pilot Leaked Online in Torrent Download

The pilot episode of "Fringe", the latest television series from J.J. Abrams, creator of "Lost" and "Alias", has been leaked online. The FOX series follows an FBI agent who is seeking answers to strange phenomena occurring around the world. Although the $10 million pilot is scheduled to premiere on August 26, 2008, it is already available for download through BitTorrent.

Since the "Fringe" pilot torrent is taken from a DVD screener copy, the quality of the video and audio should be quite good. The main torrent has already been downloaded almost 60,000 times from Mininova.org. "Fringe" has also been translated into Spanish, French, and Italian-subtitled versions.

The lead is Anna Torv, who plays Olivia Dunham, the FBI agent initially sent to investigate the mysterious demise of passengers on Flight 627, which leads to bigger revelations. She is joined by Walter and Peter Bishop, the estranged father and son team heading up scientific research on "Fringe."

Watch the 3-minute "Fringe" trailer to see if it's worth your time downloading:

Fringe Poster

Fringe Poster

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