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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Brooke Hogan Maxim Photo Gallery

Brooke Hogan is featured in the July 2008 issue of "Maxim" magazine. The 20-year-old celebrity is the daughter of professional wrestler Hulk Hogan and is following her dad's footsteps with a reality TV show, "Brooke Knows Best", which will be premiering in July on VH1. Coinciding with her small screen debut, a barely-clothed Brooke did a photoshoot for "Maxim" on a beach set.

Apparently, Brooke Hogan was chaperoned by Hulk whilst the "Maxim" photoshoot took place, but that didn't stop a number of naughty photos from being taken. She predominantly poses in a bikini with varying degrees of skin shown.

Life hasn't been easy for Brooke Hogan though. In 2007, her 17-year-old brother Nick disabled an ex-Marine, John Graziano, when he crashed a car while driving drunk. He is facing an eight month jail sentence. Shortly afterwards, her parents split when her mother filed for divorce.

Watch Brooke Hogan's "Maxim" photoshoot video:

Brooke Hogan Maxim Photo Gallery

Brooke Hogan Kneeling

Brooke Hogan Kneeling

Brooke Hogan on the Ground

Brooke Hogan on the Ground

Brooke Hogan on the Beach

Brooke Hogan on the Beach

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