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Monday, April 21, 2008


SurfTheChannel is the newest site to strike fear into the hearts of movie studio executives, letting audiences worldwide watch newly-released (and even unreleased) movies and television shows quickly, easily, and freely. Bloomberg calls it a "new threat in Web piracy" because it "cloaks the viewer's identity and makes it almost impossible for Hollywood to stop." With this much anxiety, you wouldn't be surprised to learn that SurfTheChannel has almost 100,000 videos indexed on its pages. Movies like "88 Minutes", "Juno", and "Jumper" are some of the most popular videos on Surf The Channel along with TV shows like "Doctor Who" and "The Office."

The Sweden-based (like ThePirateBay) website doesn't directly host videos on its own servers so it claims to not be breaking any copyright laws. In addition, unlike P2P software like BitTorrent, movie studios can't log-on and discover the IP addresses of everyone who's watching their films so you don't have to fear a lawsuit.

It even appears that several television networks are seeing the wisdom of partnering with sites like SurfTheChannel. According to an interview between Richard Foxton of SurfTheChannel and journalist Andy Fixmer:

Since we last corresponded there has been a change in policy with regards to content. We are in tentative talks with 2 networks over several areas of common ground, one being the phasing out of links to shows on their network and replacing them with links to the episode on their own sites. I cannot go into details yet but we certainly see a roadmap emerging that would allow us to partner with content providers moving forward and attain the legitimacy we seek.

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Reader Comments:

Sadly surfthechannel is a copy of the tv-links reincarnation http://tvshack.net they steal links from there :O

haha surfthechannel.com is a much better site than tvshack.net and started before them. Tvshack copied the surfthechannel layout and try to be as good but they have less than half the videos of surfthechannel and their community isnt half as good

Surfthechannel is a shit site, they are sell outs. Tv-links staff are relaunching on a .ws domain. Also surfthechannel tries to get people to install badware

I'm caling bullshit on the nay-sayers. Certainly this is one of the best sites of its kind. There are no software issues from the site - perhaps from some of the advertisements, but those are easily avoided. The community of users at STC is very strong. The most frustrating thing is the regular DDOS attacks, which are probably from intertube jerkwads who want to promote their own crappy site.

BTW its very very hard to block a Ddos attack almost impossable in fact. But im glad to see that karma is not broken!! let me tell you a little story about Surf the Channel and the admins.

Once upon a time i was posting in their forums about how there pop up adds are disruptive and harmful to computers. Many agreed with me and are sick and tired of being bombarded with adds all day long we just wana be left alone!! Now keep in mind my post was clean and not hostile in anyway, It was in fact posted there to help people have a better experience on the site by not getting spammed with FULL page adds right in the middle of watching a show for god sakes!!.

The admins then sent me a private message on their forums giving me hell about helping people block harmful adds on their site. Now why they would want those harmful adds to smoke your comp is another story so lets continue on with how they handled it. They then told me that blocking adds on their site was a bannable offence and to turn off my blockers (YA RIGHT WHEN PIGS FLY!!) Hey guys and gals next time your on a porn site turn off your firewall and anti virus hahaha that would be STUPID NO?.

So then i told them that was not going to happen and its my right to fight questionable advertising practices by blocking what ever i FEEL LIKE since its my computer and it MY connection that i PAY for they have NO RIGHT to tell me such things. By the way i use firefox 3 with ADD BLOCK PLUS no one should be with out this combination of browser and blocker its great!! and works like a charm you can even block the adress of where these pop ups come from right at the source NEVER see it again EVER!! i love it to death.

Anyway after all this was said the admin sent me a rather rude e mail back saying and i QUOTE "I have a bigger dick then you" "you are banned from the forums for teaching people to block adds" So tell me people and yes this is a question for all of you----Would you rather be spammed by adds?? or block the little bastards?? im going to guess that #2 question will favored.

So in closing im glad Surf the channel is getting a taste of their own medicine they are rude and arrogent and i would imagine that attitude pisses off some times the wrong people and karma kicks in. AHHH YES!! karma i love the stuff so i am glad to hear that they are getting the "karma mega meal" for being such jerks!! who ever is doing the Ddos on surf the channel hats off dude they DESERVE it!.

The only thing you were asked not to do is tell people how to block adverts - no adverts = no site.

Surf The Channel forum has a thread for reporting bad adverts, if you'd just done that there wouldn't have been a problem

Who cares since tv-links is back...?? lol


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