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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Tricia Walsh Smith YouTube Divorce Video

Tricia Walsh Smith isn't going quietly after her divorce from Broadway impresario, Philip Smith. The 49-year-old British playwright and actress has posted a 6-minute YouTube video, detailing her former husband's failings with songs and tears.

YouTube Divorce

Filmed in the kitchen of their Park Avenue apartment, her YouTube divorce video (scroll to watch) starts off with a title card saying, "One More Crazy Day in the Life of a Phoenix Rising from the Ashes." Tricia's main concern is getting kicked out of said apartment, which according to the pre-nuptial agreement she signed, can happen in 30 days if her 74-year-old husband has "reason."

Describing their sex life (or lack thereof), Tricia says, "We never had sex. He said it was because he had high blood pressure, and he was old. And I accepted that." Then she found Smith's secret stash of Viagra, condoms, and porn movies.

After that revelation, she tries to call her ex-husband, but gets his secretary instead, telling her that she is making a video for YouTube and asking her what she should do with the sex accessories.

With the caption "Poor, vulnerable Tricia shows the flat she's being kicked out of", Tricia starts a guided tour of her luxury apartment. She even opens up a family photo album and introduces her family with helpful captions like "Nasty, Evil Stepdaughter", who's trying to steal Tricia's pension.

At the end, despite calling herself a "schmuck" for believing her husband's lies, Tricia makes a vow to fight on like a "warrior." Viewers are left with the cliffhanger, "Will Poor, Vulnerable Tricia Be Evicted? Or Will Mean Bad Husband Do the Right Thing? Stay Tuned!"

Tricia has several plays such as "The Last Journey" and "Addictions" scheduled to open in London later this year.

Phil Smith is the president of the Shubert Organization, which owns many Broadway theaters. He is worth around $60 million.

Tricia Walsh Smith YouTube Divorce Video

Tricia Walsh Smith

Tricia Walsh Smith with ex-husband Phil Smith

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Reader Comments:

Probably because I am Asian but not an western person,such as American,Canadian and so forth. I actually don't quite understand how come Tricia wanted to show this kind of thing on the Internet. It's kind of private thing,including the apartment, her family etc,isn't it? Anyway, hopefully, Tricia really did the right thing. Nevertheless,she can do what she wants absolutely. God bless her.

this has come up on youtube in response in the last day or so


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