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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Pasta Hut: Pizza Hut Changes Name

Pizza Hut has officially changed its name to Pasta Hut. Despite the timing, this is not an April Fool's joke. To reflect the seriousness of the makeover, they'll be changing the logo on their Dallas, Texas company headquarters to reflect their new food focus, starting today.

You can expect to see the new Tuscani Pastas on the menu the next time you step into a Pasta Hut. Currently, there are two just choices: Meaty Marinara and Creamy Chicken Alfredo. Priced at $11.99, the 3-pound trays of pasta are meant to feed four people and will be baked just like the pizzas.

The first inklings of the big change came when Trademork uncovered a trademark claim by Pizza Hut, Inc. for the mark "Pasta Hut" in January 2008. But why the change from pizza to pasta?

Partly, it's a result of higher cheese and flour prices, which have made pizzas a lower margin product. The other is that pizza sales have stagnated with 2006 sales falling to $5.2 billion from $5.3 billion the year before.

Here's an ad spot for Pasta Hut:

Pasta Hut

Pasta Hut

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Reader Comments:

The trademork part is hilarious...

Buffalo Wild Wings has a link on their website where you can have a set of twins call your buddy and tell him to meet you their for wings (wildmessages.com)

Check out this post:

I think it is very stupid that after all these years we have been used to calling it Pizza Hut then Now they deside to call it Pasta Hut just because they started making some very tastie pasta dont you guys no that you guy's used to make spaghetti to began with that Spaghetti is pasta you know. So I think it should still be it's originall Classic Name Pizza Hut. Jesse Torres 4-5-2008

This article is an April Fools Joke. And it is all on you who read it and believe it.

its no joke - i live in dallas and the headquarters has changed the sign on the building to Pasta Hut :)

You idiots...

Pizza Hut® Participates in April First Foolery
Introduces Pasta. Keeps Pizza Hut Name.

Dallas, TX (April 1, 2008) – Pizza Hut® President and CEO Scott Bergren issued the following statement today regarding the company’s participation in April Fools Day:

“This year, marks our 50th anniversary as Pizza Hut. For the past 50 years Pizza Hut has been known as a fun-loving company with a history of firsts including becoming the first global pizza chain, the first chain to offer text and mobile ordering from a cell phone and even the first to send our logo to space. But in all this time we’ve never participated in an April Fools Day joke.

This year, we’re the first national chain to deliver restaurant-quality pastas right to customers’ doors with the introduction of our new Tuscani Pastas. We figured what better time than now for some light-hearted fun.

While we will not be making a permanent name change to Pasta Hut, we are very serious about making pasta a significant part of our business moving forward, and the notion of the name change was a direct result of feedback from our customers who told us our new Tuscani Pastas were so good we should change our name.

The launch of Tuscani Pastas marks a new day for Pizza Hut, and what better way to grab people’s attention than with some tomfoolery. We committed a tremendous amount of resources to our Pasta Hut hijinx, including new signage on our corporate headquarters, a national ad campaign and a re-branding of our Web site. We believe these efforts show our true level of excitement about these new pasta offerings from Pizza Hut.”

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