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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Watch Full Episodes of Classic Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, MacGyver Online Legally

Ever wanted to watch the classic TV series that you grew up with as a kid without having to build up an expensive DVD collection or searching through your old VHS tape collection?

Now that Hollywood scriptwriters will be getting paid residuals for shows that are streamed online, the big TV networks are scrambling to offer classic TV shows online and on-demand so you can watch them legally instead of going to sites like allUC or Peekvid.

CBS has begun streaming full episodes of television classics like "Star Trek: TOS" (all three seasons), "MacGyver", "Melrose Place, and "The Twilight Zone" on CBS.com along with more than 300 websites that are part of the CBS Audience Network.

CBS Classic TV

Similarly, you can now watch full episodes of "Miami Vice", "Battlestar Galactica", "A-Team", "Emergency", and many other old-school TV series on NBC Universal sites like NBC.com, SCIFI.com, ChillerTV.com, and SleuthChannel.com. They're calling it Way Back Wednesdays.

Vintage CBS TV

Of course, AOL's In2TV has long provided access to the extensive Warner Bros. TV library.


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Reader Comments:

Wow...Now I'll never have any free time!

the absolute best place to watch star trek episodes online is at www.startrek.ibeckett.com

you can also watch macgyver online for free here: http://tv.blinkx.com/show/macgyver/7Zp-rt204IDdwnu2?s=1.

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