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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Five Joost Invites: First Come, First Served

It looks like we have more Joost invites to give away. Just answer this simple question in the comments:
Do you use a social bookmarking service? If so, name your favorite.
The first five people to post a comment below will get an invite. Be sure to post your email address in the comment box, not just the "Send replies to email" box.

While you're waiting, check out our Joost screenshot gallery.

Update: We're out. If we get more invites, we'll let you know.


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Reader Comments:

i'd love an invite!

cujopoto [AT] gmail [d0t] com


and my fave social site is del.icio.us! i left that part out... oops!

cujopoto [AT] gmail [d0t] com


my favorite is DIGG! and twitter.com and friendster...


i use stumbleupon the most.

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