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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The iPhone Revealed: Apple Revolutionizes Cell Phones

Apple has finally announced the iPhone at Macworld after years of rumors and speculation. It looks and sounds amazing (videos below). Culled together from various news sources, here are some of its features:
  • Apple's trademark simplicity is at work in the iPhone's user interface. Out with the buttons and in with your fingers. Using something called multi-touch gestures, you can control your iPhone using touch. No stylus necessary.
  • With 8 GB of storage, you can sync your iPhone to iTunes and download all your music, contact info, calendar, email, bookmarks, and more.
  • 2 megapixel camera
  • Three sensors: ambient light sensor, accelerometer, and proximity sensor
  • Works with Cingular
  • Visual voicemail: go to the calls that interest you
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 2.0
  • Uses Safari browser
  • Free Yahoo IMAP email
  • Google Maps
  • Cost: $499 for 4 GB model, $599 for 8 GB model
  • When: Ships in June
Check out the iPhone in action below!

iPhone Photo Interface:

Making a Call on the iPhone:

Apple iPhone Music Interface:
Thanks to Gizmodo for the videos!
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Reader Comments:

Looks very good but I don't agree ; its not a revolution! Mixing a computer with a video and music reader, and a cell phone is not new at all.

I'd a Qtek Hermes last year and a Tytn this year. I can do on it all what you can do on an Iphone plus a real keyboard and a 3G connexion. Of course the Apple interface looks, as usual, much more appealing than my Pocket Pc.

But I can choose the phone operator I want. I can choose the music and the video I want. As usual Iphone lovers will be Apple prisoners.

But I agree that young people don't care about all that because in fact they like very much to be fashion victims.

So I've no doubt this Apple made pdaphone is going to ruin all parents in the next months.

I think what's revolutionary is that Apple is the first one to get away from the traditional cell phone paradigm where you use fixed buttons to do everything. The visual voicemail is also such a simple idea that I can't believe no one has implemented it before.

I agree that the vendor lock-in is the downside to all this. A lot of other bloggers are also getting over the announcement and poking holes in the iPhone hype.

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