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Monday, January 08, 2007

Another Rapidshare Downloader: USDownloader

Second in a Series

I've been meaning to write about another Rapidshare downloader called USDownloader for some time now, but a reader beat me to it in my post on Rapget. Universal Share Downloader, or USDownloader, was harder to find than Rapget because its website has no English translation. Yes, there's a Babelfish link.

As the FAQ mentions, the idea of using something like USDownloader is that you can queue several files for download before going to bed and wake up to see them all safely downloaded onto your computer. Of course, one thing working against this dream is the increasing use of annoyingly inventive CAPTCHAs.

USDownloader has very similar features to Rapget, including support for several file hosting services in addition to Rapidshare as well as coming in multiple languages. Interestingly, it also supports the addition of plugins so you can add support for more sites than the default includes.

Download USDownloader

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Reader Comments:

very nice link grabber works very well...
aidqpoRapDownloader 0.7.5b RapidShare Premium [Grabber] Auto Downloader BETA

it is still a beta, but works 4 me.

download the latest version on

very good

Yah works like charm for me. Its really indeed a good Unlimited rapidshare downloader...

Best Regards,
Eliena Andrews

Wow! it's a great software for download junkies just like me. Thank you.

Hi, i downloaded this program and copied a few links in but all i am getting is waiting for the link, any ideas guys?

All i am getting is waiting for the link, although i have a premium account.

Do you know what to do?

You will need to go to the developerq`s page. Just look what the adress is when you click to download. Then go to the FAQ page and look for the "Premium Account" part. You will need to change some settings, and I think create a .txt file. HHHHHmmmm , that's it I think. :)

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