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Friday, January 05, 2007

FeedBurner Integrates Site Statistics Tracking

FeedBurner users now have another way to keep track of their web stats, or, more fancily, audience engagement: blog statistics service BlogBeat has been integrated into FeedBurner. Users of the free StandardStats service will be able to track referrals, visitor trends, browser and OS breakdowns, outbound clicks, and more. All pretty standard stuff if you use Google Analytics or StatCounter, but the advantage is that you can keep track of both your feed and blog stats from one interface.

To turn the service on, go to your Analyze tab and click on StandardStats. Check Visitors, page views, referrers, searches, outgoing links and more and click Save. Then copy and paste the Javascript code into your blog template. If you already have FeedFlare on your site, you won't need to install the code.


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