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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Yahoo Buys MyBlogLog: Completes Social Media Trifecta

We reported back in November about a possible Yahoo acquisition of MyBlogLog, the "instant social network" for blogs. Well, now it's been confirmed. For an estimated $10 million, Yahoo acquired MyBlogLog's user base of 33,000 readers and 45,000 blogs. As Yahoo's VP of product strategy, Bradley Horowitz, put it
“This closes the loop between readers and publishers,” he said. “Every publisher wants to know his readers, and the readers want to find out about each other. It’s the power of implicit networking.”
You can check out Digital Alchemy's community here. Knowing who your readers are and letting users get to know each other is a great way to build up a community. A surprisingly simple idea that propelled MyBlogLog's viral success.

For marketers, the power of MyBlogLog lies in its ability to track users across blogs. Yahoo advertisers can take advantage of MyBlogLog's tracking data to target very specific ads to readers. It doesn't hurt that technology and real estate blogs are the most popular blogs readers visit.

Interestingly, the acquisition also gives Yahoo something Google has that it doesn't: a web analytics package. MyBlogLog lets blogs track reader clicks and other usage information much like Google Analytics (Urchin).

In the end, it will be interesting to see what adding MyBlogLog to the already powerful mix of Del.icio.us and Flickr will do for Yahoo's ascendance to king of social media. As for MyBlogLog founders Eric Marcoullier and Todd Sampson, they've done very well going from obscurity in October to a double-digit acquisition in January. The Techcrunch effect in action.


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