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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Launchy: Open Source Keystroke Launcher (Windows)

Launchy is a very neat, open source productivity tool that allows you to launch programs, documents, folders, and bookmarks with a few keystrokes. It virtually eliminates the need to poke through the Start menu for whatever program you want to launch.It's activated by pressing Alt+Space. To do a search, enter the first few letters of what you're looking for. If it's Adobe Acrobat, something like "ado" will help Launch bring up the right application. Hit Enter to launch it. If the suggestion isn't correct, pause and Launchy will bring up a list of other suggestions that you can page through.

You can choose to index more than the Start menu by adding more directories and assigning filetypes that you want indexed. There's also an option to put Launchy on a USB key so you can take it with you anywhere.


[via Lifehack]


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