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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Yahoo! Answers Mobile Mashup

Mobile blogger Kevin has created a mashup that allows users to access Yahoo! Answers using their Windows Mobile Smartphone or Pocket PC. He decided to create the mobile mashup because he was frustrated at being left out of conversations about soccer. His story:
I could instantly become a soccer expert with Yahoo Answers on my cell phone. However, Yahoo Answers is just unusable in my mobile browser – the page took forever to load ( 3+ minutes for the landing page, and 4+ minutes to get a lis of related questions… yikers) and the extensive scrolling made the experience too painful. I could run the Answers site through a transcoder and get the page load times down, but I still end up scrolling and having to enter some long munged up URL. But not to worry… I spent a few weekends and evenings building the Mobile Ask mashup with the help of the Yahoo API, and it is now here for you!

Get the Windows Mobile Smartphone or Pocket PC build here.

(via Yahoo! Answers Team Blog)


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