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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Music for Masses: Free MP3s from AllofMP3

The embattled Russian MP3 site AllofMP3 has come out with a program called Music for Masses. Users can download free DRM'ed MP3s to listen to on their computers. It's a little dubious since you need to install a proprietary music player and be connected to the Internet every time you play a track.


1. Download and install the player:

2. Log in to allofmp3.com and order some tracks for free (see screenshot);

3. Download tracks with .mp3x extension to your regular download location;

4. Run the player, enter your allofmp3 login name and password;

5. Add songs to the playlist to start listening (or you may click on .mp3x files you downloaded to run the player and listen).

Note. You need to be connected to the Internet, otherwise it won’t play.


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