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Thursday, October 19, 2006

How to Beat a Speeding Ticket

Lifehacker's Stewart Rutledge, current law student, has a long writeup on how to deal with your inevitable meeting with law. Basically, you want to approach the situation honestly, deal with the officer, judge, and prosecutor as real people, and be non-threatening. The Cliff's Notes version below:

Blue lights... you're getting pulled over

1. Get your attitude right.

2. Turn your car off, and turn the interior lights of your car on.

3. Be very polite and do exactly what the nice cop with the big gun says.

4. Once the officer has gotten your information, ask him politely if you may speak to him about your violation.

5. Ask to see the radar then ask a few questions.

6. Plea your case.

7. Leave the scene as a non-memorable, nice person.

You've gotten a ticket, but you still want out

8. Call the officer at work.

9. Write a letter to the officer.

10. Repeat calls and letters to the judge and/or the prosecutor.

The court is your friend

11. Follow all court guidelines.

12. Delay.

13. Ask for alternative punishment.

You can't handle the truth!

14. Understand your trial and your rights.

15. Show up to your first court date and plead anything but guilty.

16. Go to court and duke it out.

17. Suck it up, or fight on.

18. Suck up... err, I mean write more letters.

The Unabridged Version of How to Beat a Speeding Ticket


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